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The EAdventurer has been an innovating force in off-road electric vehicles for years.  He has pioneered the use of lithium battery powered vehicles– long before almost anyone else.  Many of his vehicles are custom designed, and engineered in-house using leading edge technologies before the same tech was found in manufactured products.  

From a 4×4 independent suspension land crawler, to motor/pedal power carts, to motorcycle and ATVs, the EAdventurer uses them all.  Check out his vehicles below!


The EAdventurer’s latest vehicle is the Swincar.  While not not designed in house, it is one of the few in the country, and the first to be privately owned.  The others are used by businesses offering outdoor adventures.
The features of the vehicle are not paralleled ANYWHERE.  Each wheel has it’s own hub motor and is mounted on an articulating arm.  The vehicle self-balances over obstructions larger than itself.  Climbing rocks and rough terrain, it’s extremely hard to tip over, even when climbing 45+ degree slopes straight up, diagonal, or sideways.  The center chassis is like a pendulum,  hanging from each independent articulating wheel,  staying as vertical  as possible.
It is made from heavy gauge steel, with skid plates, front nose enclosure for legs, and a roll bar.  The battery  system is housed in an armored, water resistant case, keeping it safe in the worst conditions.
Check out below to see all the EAdventurer’s outings with this amazing vehicle.


The EZRaider is the newest and highest end vechicle in the EAdventurer’s garage.  This is a beast!  Originally designed for Israeli Special Forces, it is now available for private use.  Each of it’s four wheel have a hub motor with a total of 18,000 watts of power!  There are multiple aspects to the suspension that make it very intuitive to ride.  Each wheel has hydraulic disk brakes as well as regenerative braking to recapture energy back to battery.  It can be ridden like a scooter standing up, or with a removable seat to sit down. 
We use it in extreme situations where the Swincar won’t go.  It is much more narrow, allow passage through gates and narrow paths that the Swincar is just to big.  It’s also has a slightly higher ground clearance Although 280lbs, it fold down much more compact than the Swincar, allowing for easier transportationZ

Rungu Dualie

This is a preview listing for our newest vehicle that is on it’s way to us.   The Rungu Dulie!
This unique bike has two front wheels, promising more stability.  Since we use our vehicles with dogs attached, this extra stability will be awesome compared to a traditional bike.  And as narrow as the EZRaider is, this beats even that.  Some trails have blocks set up to allow only bikes and walkers through. the narrowness of this bike will allow passage. Plus, when we do use other vehicles, this will be a perfect vehicle for our support crew.  Whether a cameraman needing to play hop sctotch with the main vehicles, or for one of the crew back at the truck to get out on the trail quickly in an emergency.  It’s compact size allows for it to be brought along, just in case.
Once we get it in our hands and out on the trail, we’ll update this listing with our own pics, and links to our adventures with it!


The HotRod is a off-road single seater designed by the EAdventurer and custom built to his specs.  It has heavy gauge steel framing.  It’s center drive 1000w motor is powered by lithium battery packs he has standardized and implemented across most of his vehicles.  This means an inventory of the exact same packs can be used across them all.
This vehicle was designed to be used in terrans where traction is important.  Both rear wheels are driven by the motor, and are oversized in diameter and thickness.  The front wheels are even slightly larger than most of his other vehicles.  This makes it perfect for sandy or grassy areas that other vehicles are likely to slip and get stuck.
As with most of the custom designed vehicles, the HotRod has pedal power in addition to electric.  This qualifies as a “bicycle” by the rules of many trails, opening up many more possibilities to explore.

Double Decker

The party bus of off-road EAdventuring!  This is another EAdventurer designed and custom built vehicle.  1000w motor power by lithium power packs, the same used in most other of his vehicles.  And there is the usual pedal power, like most of his vehicles, both for when extra umph is needed and to satisfy bike trail rules.  With four people pedaling that’s a lot of extra umph!
It’s fun going out on the road by yourself, or maybe one other.  But they say: two is company, three’s a crowd, and FOUR is a party!  The EAdventurer goes out with friends, of course.  But he has also attached recording equipment, loaded up with musicians, and then played live music, on the Double Decker, on the trail!  How is THAT for a party?


So, HOW far can custom design and fabrication go?  The EAdventurer decided to find out.  Four wheel drive?  Check.  Four wheel steering?  Huh, never been done before… let’s DO IT.  Shock mounted suspension?  Why not.  And might as well throw in HUGE over sized wheels while we are at it.
And that is how the WooFMobile was born.  Go as far as one can with-in the recumbent bicycle framework.  This thing is a beast!  Check it out!
Designed by the EAdventurer and with additional engineering help and fabrication by Utah Trikes.  This is one vehicle you need to check out on this page!  You’ve never seen anything like this!

Modified Xootr Swift

The Xootr Swift is a standard foldable bike.  This makes it easy to transport when not using larger trucks or trailers like needed for the rest of the e-vehicles.  The Eadventurer modified it for electric use by using a system by BionX — A hub motor coupled with an AGM battery system.  He then further modified the system to use his standardized lithium battery packs.  This improved range, power and number of charge cycles.  And of course brought the bike’s battery packs in line with most of his other vehicles batteries.
This is one of many two wheeled e-bikes the EAdventurer has, see more in “Other vehicles section below!”

Zero X Motocycle

This is another non modified machine.  A motocross style motorcycle, for when the EAdventure wants to run wild with his dogs in rough terrain. 
Made by Zero Motorcycles, this is serious off road crazy.  With 54HP with 68ft-lbs of torque and top speed of 85MPH, this is a beast!  As with all electric vehicles, acceleration is instantaneous, but you REALLY feel that on this.  You gotta hold on!  It takes some power to handle all this, it has a 3KWH battery.  The EAdventurer couldn’t modify this to his standard battery system, they couldn’t handle it!

Ruff Board

There are times you just want or need to stand up.  Riding on roads for short distances, standing gives much better visibility.  And off road, it’s much easier to jump off and back on the vehicle.
In comes the Ruff Board.  This is another EAdventurer modification.  Made by a Swiss company called Bike Board, they closed shop years ago.  EAdventurer bought a few from a US supplier’s back inventory.  He then changed out the controller so it uses his standardized battery system and gave it a little more umph.  The wheels and frame on this unit is much more sturdy for  off road use.  And the frame pivots from the wheels, making it easier to maneuver than rigid board of similar design.

Polaris Ranger EV

Sometimes one just needs a ATV.  The Polaris Ranger EV is the best there is!  This thing will climb anything.  The EAdventurer has chickened out before the Ranger stopped.   Deep mud is the only thing that’s got in it’s way, but the installed wench gets it going again.
The EAdventurer has a few of these, for the different places he roams.  It is based on standard Lead Acid batteries– that’s the only fault compared to the other vehicles.  They are heavy, and costly to replace, which is more often than lithium.  A Lithium option is not as yet available.  

EAdventurer's other vechicles

The EAdventurer has been experimenting with Electric vehicles for over 20yrs.  In that time, he has collected many more vehicles than above.  To see the rest, click the link below and see what carried him to where he is today!

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